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August 20, 2010 5 comments

                Rain fell from dark skies, noisily landing upon the rooftops of Summerset. North of the Elder River, the villagers of this quaint farming town slept comfortably as they did most often, unaware of the troubles brewing upon their very own city top. Quel’thera moved with the grace of an agile tiger, running from building to building, easily clearing the distances between them in long leaps, staring at the alley’s several stories below as she flew through the air. She made hardly a whisper.

                Grell was the opposite. If it weren’t for torrential rains, his footfalls would have woken much of the town. The stupid fool thought himself as a king to be chasing the Great Mistress Quel’thera; however, he knew little of what he chased. Having a bounty on her head meant many fools on her heels, this she was used to. At once, she stopped, her black riding dress billowing out front and back in a wide circle as she spun around, drawing her deadly blade as she did so. With naught but a whisper, she met her attacker upon the rain soaked rooftops of Summerset. Not a sound was made as steel hit steel, shocking her heavy footed assailant. He held his ground, though, pressing the fight with every blow, each of which the Great Mistress parried.

                When the time was right, she feigned distress and continued backing up. Ever ignorant, the blonde headed Grell believed himself the victor before the first sword was swung. This proved to be his downfall. The last thing Grell ever saw was his own terrified reflection in the golden eyes of this lone elf woman before she disappeared right before him. A split second later, he again saw the same reflection as he looked down and saw a gleaming sword protruding from his stomach. He was dead before he hit the alley floor where he would stay until every drop of blood in his body was washed away by the heavy rain.

                Her dirty work done, Quel’thera turned to leave. Instincts and keen hearing kept her alive as she heard the click of a crossbow being fired. In less time than the beat of a heart her powerful magic was unleashed in a tidal wave burst around her, sending out a shockwave so devastating it blew out windows and doors, knocked over street carts and vendor booths, and killed everything around her for half a league. Without a second thought, Quel’thera moved to ledge of the five story tavern and jumped, disappearing before she even hit the ground.

                The last thing Omathar saw was her purple gold hair glinting in the dark of night before she disappeared below the ledge.

– – – – – – –

Todays writing challenge combined the above picture and the phrase “rooftops in the rain.” I hope everyone enjoys a little fiction from time to time and hopefully I will be getting some chapters posted real soon to a new page I am working on for all my fiction peices. Thanks for reading and as usual, any feedback that can make it better is much appreciated!

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…

August 10, 2010 4 comments

Who put that wall there anyways? Yup, you guessed it… the dreaded writers block… And mine seems almost insurmountable! So how does one get rid of it?

Or over it? Or around it? Or under it? Exactly the answer!

The question is not how to get rid of writers block… but to find ways to maneuver yourself around writers block. Also important: don’t let writers block be the killer to your writing dreams and potentials as I have done for many years of my life! It’s time for a change, damnit! It’s time for my voice to come back!

So what I’m going to devise in the comming days is a series of random thoughts and pictures. I am going to write down any little thought I have throughout the day and save any picture I find interesting. At the end of the day, I will go through my notes and pick 14 or so of the most interesting topics.

The challenge… force myself to write twice a day for 7 days… anything that comes to mind… just write. 10 to 15 minutes per topic. It could be short story, diary, poetry, profanity, prophetic, or any other sort of topic. The key is to actually write… to write what is creatively hiding inside of me, to write in the style’s that most thrill me. This is my first challenge to myself in order to become the writer I want to be, not the one who occasionally picks up a pencil, scribbles a few sentences or pages, then forgets about himself for 2 years.

It is about getting rid of this:

And achieving this:












So put your dreams to paper everyone! Don’t hide them in a corner to collect dust…

Question: What was your longest stretch of writing inactivity and what motivated you to start writing once again?

OK everyone… have a great night!