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Haiku to save the world…

August 19, 2010 20 comments

poverty speaks
whispering pain so softly;
will you hear it?

war squanders life
kills away for lavish gains;
do you see it?

blood shed in vain
poured from nearly empty glass;
can you taste it?

polluted skies
pink sunsets sink lonely hearts;
do you smell it?

ravaged earth
awaiting peace, prosperity;
will you help Her?

(c) 2010 by D. Wright

I decided today to try my hand at writing haiku and this is the result of my efforts. Not sure if it is by the book haiku, but it’s close enough for me! Hope you all enjoy!


Updated for Jingle’s Poetry Potluck – 12 Sept 2010.




August 18, 2010 26 comments

picture courtesy of Fort James, WA.

tears of loss,

tears of pain,

tears of just

because they came,

tears for war

and hate that’s made,

loss of life,

despair, dismay.

pray for souls


make it safely

home to thee,

no more loss,

no more pain,

no more tears

shed in vain.

soldiers, innocents,

children alike,

cry for the sadness

of hopes demise:


please say thanks

to women and men,

who do as he did

to keep hope:


(c) 2010 by D. Wright

Saw this pic when it was showcased on freshly pressed. It really highlights the sadness and destruction of life caused by war. I truly do hope to see this war end soon and that every troop returns home safely.

Also, this is still a working draft and any constructive feedback would be great (I’m not sure about the format of it… does it work?). Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: I recently learned about one shot wednesday so this poem just became my one shot wednesday poem!


August 14, 2010 10 comments

With all the poems I’ve read lately about war and such, I was inspired to write my own. This is a rough draft, definitely not finished by any means and is still untitled. Please enjoy and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

no light at the end

this tunnel of war

just red of blood

upon sandy floors

death of innocents

both sides incur

yet all we receive

are His tears falling



mad at all

and still he


the sin of us all

the sin

of creation

the sin

of man.

                                                    (c) 2010 by D. Wright