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Empty Remains

August 29, 2010 16 comments

tears fall
blood red
like rain
in a world
ruled by

lost souls
among ruins

fires burning
searing skin
from flesh
consuming all

and still

the search
for the love
you peeled
inch by inch
from my

                                                            (c) 2010  by D. Wright

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August 18, 2010 26 comments

picture courtesy of Fort James, WA.

tears of loss,

tears of pain,

tears of just

because they came,

tears for war

and hate that’s made,

loss of life,

despair, dismay.

pray for souls


make it safely

home to thee,

no more loss,

no more pain,

no more tears

shed in vain.

soldiers, innocents,

children alike,

cry for the sadness

of hopes demise:


please say thanks

to women and men,

who do as he did

to keep hope:


(c) 2010 by D. Wright

Saw this pic when it was showcased on freshly pressed. It really highlights the sadness and destruction of life caused by war. I truly do hope to see this war end soon and that every troop returns home safely.

Also, this is still a working draft and any constructive feedback would be great (I’m not sure about the format of it… does it work?). Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: I recently learned about one shot wednesday so this poem just became my one shot wednesday poem!


August 13, 2010 13 comments

picture courtesy of Katie Sevigny Art        

(i) will

destroy this

place, reeking

of sweat and

tears (cried)

in misery

(for) loss of

self (the temple)

upon that

dirty bed

and the hard


as a dog

to him; (and)

he beat you


left you for

dead, but

vengeance is

his screams

piercing (the)

blizzard that

buries my (soul).

                        (c) 2009 by D. Wright

This was written for my final portfolio in last years ENG 224 class. And still, with the critique I was given, I cannot bring myself to change this poem in any way. I simply feel it is perfect the way it is.

Also, I’m still working on my personal challenge writing for the day. Sadly, I’ve been too busy at work today to write anything other than this blog post! Take care and happy reading!