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Life’s Road – a work in progress…

September 19, 2010 14 comments

So I am one of those bloggers/writers that like to get feed back. I mean REALLY like to get it. Good, bad, ugly, constructive… any which type of comments are great. So I occasionally post work that I don’t feel is in a completed form so I know what to tweak to make it better, to make it reach that level where I feel it could be a published piece of writing. This is one such piece… Enjoy!


white lines blur at the edge of my vision,
screaming out of control as I leave them behind,
always more ahead
                taunting, pleading
                                dragging me onward
down this merciless highway of hate and tears,

another cigarette out the window fed to the wind

moonlight chilling my soul like ice on a windshield
blinding my recklessness, fueling me forward
into wild unknown
                taking control
                                leaving no memory,
dust in the wind as blaring sirens attend their call.

(c) 2010 by D. Wright


posted for Poetry Potluck


(untitled) – Carry On Tuesday #69

August 31, 2010 19 comments

Photo courtesy of: blue-star

I stand in line patiently awaiting
my inevitable arrival, so far away
these gates of marble and fresco,
gleaming in golden sun much larger here.

So slow it moves this line I know,
yet matter not enthralled as we are,
moving ever closer, our eternal fates
as thoughts, creep forward, on step nearer.

Gunshots ring in alleys dripping
dark and wet, the red of blood
washed down gutters to oceans
far, my body cold as raindrops fall.

(c) 2010 by D. Wright

This was written for Carry On Tuesday #69. I’m not sure if it is finished or if more is needed so any critical feedback would be great! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!


Updating this for Jingle’s Poetry Potluck – 12 Sept 2010. Hope everyone enjoys!

Haiku to save the world…

August 19, 2010 20 comments

poverty speaks
whispering pain so softly;
will you hear it?

war squanders life
kills away for lavish gains;
do you see it?

blood shed in vain
poured from nearly empty glass;
can you taste it?

polluted skies
pink sunsets sink lonely hearts;
do you smell it?

ravaged earth
awaiting peace, prosperity;
will you help Her?

(c) 2010 by D. Wright

I decided today to try my hand at writing haiku and this is the result of my efforts. Not sure if it is by the book haiku, but it’s close enough for me! Hope you all enjoy!


Updated for Jingle’s Poetry Potluck – 12 Sept 2010.