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September 12, 2010 43 comments

I know I’ve been absent for awhile and I tried to write this poem in time for both the Thursday Think Tank and the Thursday Poets Rally, but alas it is now Sunday. I am just getting around to posting it now for the Poetry Pantry and I hope everyone enjoys it!


red bricks tumbling,
wasting away
this wall of cracked plaster,
crumbling, carried away on winds afar

graffiti rainbow
seen by all, hidden by one

with thoughts of her leaving,
hollow footfalls upon aged wood floors,
the very floor he meant to replace,
        never did,
                now couldn’t
as he watches his firstborn daughter
run naked, mother in tow
a faded mirage;

a howling swirl,
wind chimes wailing sirens call,
protesting the storm where doors slam
        glass explodes,
a myriad reflection, setting summer sun
the color of fire, bombs fall upon
weakened base, last defense;

my wall collapses,
dust and debris scatter,
guillotine cleaves my bleeding heart

I cry

(c) by D. Wright 2010


Hopefully I can get back to posting more frequently. Thanks to everyone that stopped by!