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Love is… a sunday scribbling.

September 26, 2010 21 comments

a love poem this isn’t, they just aren’t
                my thing,
                                my muse,
                my rant,
                                my talent,
but I do ever so wish I could write
                beautiful sonnets,
                                astounding haiku’s,
all about love and its alluding powers
                of deception,
its ability to hide under noses or destroy
                in broad daylight,
love is

(c) 2010 by D. Wright


This was written for Sunday Scribblings #234 – Love. I guess in a way, it DID turn out to be a love poem after all… sort of. 🙂

Life’s Road – a work in progress…

September 19, 2010 14 comments

So I am one of those bloggers/writers that like to get feed back. I mean REALLY like to get it. Good, bad, ugly, constructive… any which type of comments are great. So I occasionally post work that I don’t feel is in a completed form so I know what to tweak to make it better, to make it reach that level where I feel it could be a published piece of writing. This is one such piece… Enjoy!


white lines blur at the edge of my vision,
screaming out of control as I leave them behind,
always more ahead
                taunting, pleading
                                dragging me onward
down this merciless highway of hate and tears,

another cigarette out the window fed to the wind

moonlight chilling my soul like ice on a windshield
blinding my recklessness, fueling me forward
into wild unknown
                taking control
                                leaving no memory,
dust in the wind as blaring sirens attend their call.

(c) 2010 by D. Wright


posted for Poetry Potluck

three word wednesday x2

September 15, 2010 9 comments

Well, I actually wrote two small poems today for 3WW CCVI. Hope everyone enjoys!



she stalks
those that
take pleasure
in offense,
what they
while others
at their


like those of a butcher or a slave.

                                                           (c) 2010 by D. Wright


Double 0

demure, yet volatile,
shaken, not stirred
like a martini on the
rocks, cool and collected,
offending no one as he
kills, pleasure taken
when needed,
seven style

                                                         (c) 2010 by D. Wright


Hope everyone enjoys their 3WW and if anyone has a title suggestion for the first poem, feel free to suggest away! Come back anytime! 🙂


Addicted Ignorance…

September 13, 2010 18 comments

So, since quitting smoking, then starting, quitting, starting, quitting (yes, this has been an ongoing problem) I have been thinking a lot about addiction and issues of the like. Here are the results of my heavy concentration and occassional one-track mindedness.


anger pulsing,
in my head a beat box
cacophony raging unchecked
behind narrowed vision,
half blind as desire
takes over,
well-being tossed out
to proverbial curb, forgotten
left for death in festering gutters
next to homeless drunks passed out upon
soaked sheets of week old New York Times
ever appearing dead as sun creeps ever higher,
passed out next to my better judgment
now slathered in yellow puke
and green sewer slime
while I am off feeding addiction
needed to temper my bubbling rage,
the lava building slowly subsides,
failing to explode… today…
but what of tomorrow?
or the next?

                                                  (c) 2010 by D. Wright



September 12, 2010 43 comments

I know I’ve been absent for awhile and I tried to write this poem in time for both the Thursday Think Tank and the Thursday Poets Rally, but alas it is now Sunday. I am just getting around to posting it now for the Poetry Pantry and I hope everyone enjoys it!


red bricks tumbling,
wasting away
this wall of cracked plaster,
crumbling, carried away on winds afar

graffiti rainbow
seen by all, hidden by one

with thoughts of her leaving,
hollow footfalls upon aged wood floors,
the very floor he meant to replace,
        never did,
                now couldn’t
as he watches his firstborn daughter
run naked, mother in tow
a faded mirage;

a howling swirl,
wind chimes wailing sirens call,
protesting the storm where doors slam
        glass explodes,
a myriad reflection, setting summer sun
the color of fire, bombs fall upon
weakened base, last defense;

my wall collapses,
dust and debris scatter,
guillotine cleaves my bleeding heart

I cry

(c) by D. Wright 2010


Hopefully I can get back to posting more frequently. Thanks to everyone that stopped by!

Apple Doom

September 4, 2010 21 comments

spherically resting
in reddish green
hues, broken
appendage, slightly
rotten, still
juicy dripping
upon meaningless
pages, red words
like an omen,
prophesied, left to
die, fang marks
clear in soft
flesh, open skin,
a sacrifice
willingly given
by Gala herself.

                                                           (c) 2010 by D. Wright

Written for Magpie Tales Mag 30.