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Second Place…

July 26, 2010 2 comments

So it seems that Life, Love & Misery is taking second place to my other blog… For that I am sorry! ūüė¶ I have the idea in my head that this blog will be more for the creative side of my life: writings, poetry, etc… I have simply not been that creative lately. I have been slightly depressed on¬†this change-my-life-from-fat-to-fit journey and, well, writing thus takes a back seat unless everyone wants to read sad and depressing woe-is-me kind of poetry (which I don’t enjoy writing, yet for some reason I have lots of it… and some of it’s pretty good!) Maybe I will go through some older stuff and let everyone get a glimpse of what I used to write. Not sure, just an idea.

OK, well it’s a short post today, I’m off for a rainy run in the mud. Hopefully the exercise will clear my head and erase these damn cravings for bad things (beer and cigarettes at 1:00 pm? That is NOT what I should be wanting right now!). Have a great day everyone!

And a question before I go: What was the hardest thing you’ve ever had to give up and what helped you do it? OK, goodbye now!


A short poem…

July 25, 2010 Leave a comment

The time has come…


No more to run

to arms of Death,

Away from life

alternate sought,

We fight to kill

ourselves in all,

And see naught

that is right before…


July 24, 2010 1 comment

So, if you haven’t read my other blog yet, here’s my story…. I’m trying to change myself into a “better” individual. That is, I’m trying to quit smoking and drinking as well as lose weight and become a more active individual. Yet here I am reflecting about last night and all the beers I decided to enjoy. What is¬†it about that lifestyle that is so enticing? What about it makes it so hard to get rid of?

Well, I don’t know why it is so hard to change, but… my wife had an¬†epiphany today… she told me that this life of smoking and drinking is easy because that is the way¬†we met when we were young. So basically, it is familiar territory, common ground, and although we may fight and get angry with each other as we proceed through our personal struggles, we must continue to build upon each others strengths and slowly but surely push away the weaknesses.

So I continue my struggle to become the person I see myself being and let the sun shine upon a new day (only in the picture though because it looks like another rainy day today… Oh well!).

Ok everybody, enjoy your day and let me know what your personal goals are or what your struggling to overcome! And don’t forget to check out my other blog: Food, Cycling & Sweat.

A Post…? Where?

July 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Yup, I know it’s been awhile! ‘Nuf said, moving on…

So time seems to be running out for me every day and I can’t seem to get anything done. The weather sucks so I haven’t been wanting to exercise, and my mind has not been focused to writing. In my defense, however, I did try to send a post (from my phone of all things) while at work the other day and just couldn’t seem to get it fired off… I also started my Food, Cycling & Sweat blog (several days ago) and haven’t got a single thing posted to it… Oh well, the posts will come! It only made sense that I make it, a food and exercise blog by someone who needs good food and better exercise. Especially since I’ve been blogging about food and exercise lately.

Ok, enough of the rant… I’m talking about¬†TIME and having not enough of it. And as I surf the blogging corner of cyberspace, I wonder to myself how some people can write onto there blog, and upload a dozen photos, several times in one day. I have trouble finishing ONE post! Where do people get that kind of time?

So, since we are all gifted the same amount of time, it is all about how we use it rather than how much of it we have. And this is where I must be screwing something up. So the question to the comment board is: How do you spend your time and what tools do you use to make the most of it?

And because no post is complete without a picture…

This was shown to me at work the other day and I thought it was hilarious! Hopefully I don’t offend anyone, but hey, Jay Leno would share that name with the world too!

Breakfast… and a blog!

July 20, 2010 4 comments

Ok, so I was skeptical at first about blogging. I don’t know why… perhaps I’m just a shy person. But so far, it has been quite interesting. I can write how I feel and feel what I write! And I love to write! So first things first today, pictures of the jet from my run last night! This plane could literally turn on a dime, take off in a REALLY short distance, and go almost vertical on take off… OK, maybe not VERTICAL, but did it ever climb quick!

Ok, next we have the same jet after a landing,… It was actually backing up on the runway! How cool is that?!?¬†So it backed up a ways (very noisily I might add ūüôā ) then took off and did it all over again. Very neat to watch while running in circles around a track! If only the weather could have been nicer… Oh well, moving on!

Overall, I guess I never really thought that blogging could be a fun form of entertainment. Especially while sitting down eating a nice healthy breakfast of strawberries and Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal. Very delicious. It just seems like such a trivial thing, to write down what I had for breakfast and how¬†last nights run went, but really, all we need¬†sometimes is a small victory to make everything work and keep us on track. Blogging I have found helps do that. It helps remind me what I am working for… What does blogging do for you?

A New Day…

July 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok, so as I mentioned in Post Numero Uno, my weekend went down hill and burned up pretty badly… But today¬†was a new day and one with much to do! To start off, breakfast!

Cottage cheese pancakes (w/ added flax-seed to make it even better) and topped with leftover berry cobbler from¬†the previous¬†night. Personally, I don’t think the picture does this¬†meal any justice, but I’m not a chef by any means… It was still delicious, add some coffee and a large glass of water and it was perfect. I have to keep reminding myself to drink water and LOTS of it!!

Since it was a late wakeup and a later breakfast, lunch was pretty minimal. Dinner (I will spare you all the pictures of that disaster) consisted of baked salmon with a mixture of veggies. Quite good aside from its visual appearance…

Ok, food done, we had many errands to run and did not get out on our morning walk with the dogs as planned but we did however get out to the gym before dinner. The wife did Turbo Kick while I ran some laps on the track. 2.5 miles in 28 minutes with very little walking (I know, it’s not that far, but we all start somewhere).

So I know it’s a short post today but I am tired and work calls tomorrow. I did get some neat photos of a large plane doing some amazing aerial maneuvers while I was jogging that I will try to post tomorrow night. Also, I went all day with no cigarettes and hardly a craving! Hooray!! Small victories that I need to carry through to the bitter end… OK! Goodnight!

Tonights Dinner

July 18, 2010 2 comments

I made¬†an AMAZING dinner¬†(for my loving and completely understanding wife) to accompany my appology flowers! ūüôā I made a chicken penne pasta with pesto sauce topped with carmelized onions and sun dried tomatos. The recipe for the pesto came from the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook and aside from lacking some garlic, it tasted GREAT!

Here are the flowers (because I’m a complete douchebag!):¬†

 And here is the pasta: 

Overall, it has been a great evening and I am looking forward to what the new day will bring! In store for tomorrow: a bike ride with the kids followed by a weight lifting class at The Alaska Club in the evening. It’s time I lost some of this damn weight!!